How to develop user experiences with QML for Mer


Timur Kristóf

Talk description:

Qt is a popular cross-platform development framework and QML is a next generation declarative language which enables to develop breathtaking user experiences which work accross a variety of platforms. Attendees of this talk will learn the basic concepts behind QML, how to get started with QML development, and how to create nice custom user interfaces. I will also touch on what QML means for the Mer project and how to create Mer user experiences from scratch using QML. The presentation will also include a live demo and some best practices.

About speaker:

Timur has always been enthusiastic about software. He has a couple of years of experience with a wide array of technologies and recently he has also become a fan of open source. He has expertise with web, .NET, and mobile development with Qt (including both C++ and QML). Timur has been working on web projects since 2008, and he’s been developing mobile apps since 2010. He has grown to like both Linux and Windows, and prefers to use the right tool for the right job. Timur always prefers quality over quantity and has a passion for user interface development.

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