PS Move API - Cross-platform 3D motion controller tracking


Thomas Perl

Talk description:

In recent years, motion controllers have become widespread, especially due to the use of motion controls in the current console generation. Also, mobile smart devices now have sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes built-in. The PS Move API is a C library with multiple language bindings for tracking motion input and the 3D position of the controller in the room. In this talk, the basic API will be demonstrated with lots of examples in different programming languages, including some practical uses of the API as ambient display.

About speaker:

Thomas Perl is a Computer Science master student at the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria. He's been active in the open source community since 2003 and worked on his own podcast client gPodder since 2005. Thomas has also developed and ported applications to mobile devices like the N900 running Maemo or the N9 running MeeGo Harmattan. In recent months, he has been developing a framework for interfacing with motion controllers and computer vision, the PS Move API.

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