Ronan Schwarz

Talk description:

Context is one of the most basic and important concepts of the android platform. It also happens to be one of the most misunderstood ones. Based on in-depth analysis of the platform code, this talk will give insights about what context realy means for apps and how it is implemented and used across the android core system. We will show common loopholes and and security considerations. We will demonstrate patterns and anti-patterns used with respect to context, leading to some recommended best practices. Also: magic tricks, cute kittens and unicorns.

About speaker:

Ronan 'Zero' Schwarz is Co-Founder of OpenIntents, an europe based open-source company specialised in Android development. Ronan has over 15 years of programing experience, in a wide variety of fields like augmented reality, web, robotics and business systems as well as different programing languages including C, Java and Assembler. He has been working on the Android Platform since 2007, and amongst other projects, has helped creating SplashPlay and Droidspray, both top finalists of the Google Android Developer Challenge I and II. He is currently working with SinnerSchrader Mobile as a Consultant in Berlin, Germany.

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