Mind the Gap - Bringing legacy Android Apps up to speed.


Ronan Schwarz

Talk description:

Android has seen major changes in the last year. With the introduction of Android 4 and above, not only the User Interface has been replaced, many of the underlying concepts have changed as well. We will show an overview of the changes, and try to explain what they mean for application design. We will then present a strategy for bridging the Gap that enables a modern look and feel for legacy apps and ensures new applications can run on older Android Versions without problems. A set of useful libraries is presented and their benefits and specific problems are discussed.

About speaker:

Ronan 'Zero' Schwarz is Co-Founder of OpenIntents, an europe based open-source company specialised in Android development. Ronan has over 15 years of programing experience, in a wide variety of fields like augmented reality, web, robotics and business systems as well as different programing languages including C, Java and Assembler. He has been working on the Android Platform since 2007, and amongst other projects, has helped creating SplashPlay and Droidspray, both top finalists of the Google Android Developer Challenge I and II. He is currently working with SinnerSchrader Mobile as a Consultant in Berlin, Germany.

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