We are presenting final version of agenda.

Tuesday, 4th of September

10:00 Boot your phone to the web, Boot to Gecko
Martin de Keijzer
11:00 Develop Once Target All
Oguz Bastemur
12:00 BlackBerry 10 – new ways of developing applications
Łukasz Dzierżak
13:00 LUNCH

Hybrid Web Apps with Sencha Touch 2
Martin de Keijzer


Navigating the waters between commercial and community
Carsten Munk

16:30 How to develop user experiences with QML for Mer
Timur Kristóf
17:30 Building Mobile Apps in minutes, Social Coding with appMode
Flame Herbohn

G33K Bar Tour - starting at Mariacka Street 5 at 21:00


Wednesday, 5th of September

9:00 Context is magic
Ronan Schwarz
10:00 Profiling and improving Android Applications using traceview
Benjamin Weiss
11:00 Moving Out of the Lab: Smartphone Brain Scanner
Arek Stopczyński
12:00 Torn Apart! – The challenge of chosing between closed and opened ecosystems
Michael Lauer
13:00 LUNCH

Mind the Gap - Bringing legacy Android Apps up to speed
Ronan Schwarz


Croutons library
Benjamin Weiss

16:30 Mer-Project based IVI Solution for Business Application
Simon Bolek
17:30 Telecar
Jakub Nowacki

 G33K Bar Tour - starting at Mariacka Street 5 at 21:00

Thursday, 6th of September 

9:00 PS Move API - Cross-platform 3D motion controller tracking
Thomas Perl
10:00 The power of gamification in mobile campaigns
Monika Konieczny
11:00 iOS vs. Android, hardcore vs. casual in free-to-play games
Martin Chamrad
12:00 The Formula for App Success
Jeremy Olson
13:00 LUNCH

Testable Android Applications
Mateusz Herych




  • FreeYourAndroid
    trainer: Erik Albers (Free Software Foundation)
    date: 4th September

    Android is a mostly free operating system that is mainly developed by
    Google. Unfortunately, the drivers for most devices and most
    applications from the "market" are not free as in Free Software. They
    frequently work against the interest of the users, spy on them and
    sometimes can not even be removed.
    This workshop will help you to run your Android system as free as
    possible and - by doing this - to regain control of your Android
    device and your data. You will no longer be in need of a Google
    account and you can use f-droid, a free software App repository, instead.
    For further background information about Android and how to liberate
    your device, please have a look at FSFE's FreeYourAndroid campaign [1]

    If you like to liberate your device you will need a mobile device, of
    course, as well as a laptop. If you like to attend the workshop you
    should further
     1) make sure that you can unlock the bootloader of your device
     2) check if Cyanogenmod can be run on your device [2]
     3) be aware that - even though this is unlikely - you might lose
    data, your device might be bricked and that you most likely declare
    your warranty void if you unlock your phone.

    [1] http://freeyourandroid.org
    [2] http://www.cyanogenmod.com/devices
    [3] https://wiki.fsfe.org/Android/Workshop

  • Windows 8 tablet programming
    trainer: Piotr Bubacz
    date: 5th September

    Windows 8 is reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It's an all-new touch interface. It's a new Windows for new devices. With new developer tools Visual Studio 2012 and WinRT, where You can leverage a variety of skills you already know (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, XAML, C#, VB, or C++), programming Windows is easier than ever.
    Come and see new operating system, new devices, get free tools and materials and learn how to create a new Windows Store applications on tablet to reach 1.25 billion Windows users globally.
    1.      Windows reimagined – what’s new in Windows 8. Windows 8 platform for developers.
    2.      Hello Windows 8 - introduction to Windows 8 JavaScript development and tools
    3.      Windows 8 application development in JavaScript and HTML5
    4.      RSS Reader – Windows 8 practical JavaScript application development. Windows Store – opportunities for developers.

    Please, be aware that programming in Windows 8 can be addictive and fun!