Develop Once Target All


Oguz Bastemur

Talk description:

Today, almost every device with an Internet connection has a built-in browser support at some level. This interface similarity provides a great opportunity for application developers trying to target all the devices with a browser support. On the other hand, it is not much easy to target all these platforms from scratch. Although they have a capability to handle the client side scripts, differences on their engines and device capabilities make the cross-platform development task still hard. For this reason we create VisualJS.NET solution for the developers. This is a product at final beta phase targeting the developers from .NET Framework and Mono. The intended speech will be targeting the advantages and future of browser based development.

About speaker:

I am; (a geek :S ) MSc Software Engineering student at University of Liverpool and the CEO of Zondig sp. (Polish software innovation company) and also consultant to Pagos Inc. (US) (PokeIn WebSocket and Reverse Ajax Library) is one of my popular products. I always considered the needs of other developers hence I made the tools and solutions this way.

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