The power of gamification in mobile campaigns


Monika Konieczny

Talk description:

Have you ever wonder how to create amazing mobile marketing campaign? The one which would amaze customers, fully engage them in the campaign, turn on viral spreading around the internet? It's not easy but... Gamification + localization -> that's the future of mobile marketing. Imagine a campaign during which you become a player. You have to accomplish tasks (like finding a qrcode in a hidden place, solve a quiz, find a track to magic place) to enter next levels. During the game you learn about new product and are more and more willing to buy :)

About speaker:

Monika Konieczny works as a Project Manager/Scrum Master at iLoop Mobile http://iloopmobile.com., where she coordinates the work of the teams creating tools necessary to create/run mobile adds campaigns. She strongly belives in power of gamification in mobile world. With her team she develops mobile campaigns creator (including augmented reality, geolocation, couponing and others) which is helping customers to create campaigns in simulation game way. http://pl.linkedin.com/in/monikakonieczny

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