Torn Apart! – The challenge of chosing between closed and opened ecosystems


Michael Lauer

Talk description:

This talk gives an overview of the current mobile platform landscape, both opened and closed ones, in particular: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and various Linux-based flavors. It is discussed why we need both approaches to continue a stream of innovation and growth towards a future of ubiquitous computing, as introduced by Mark Weiser. An emphasis lays on highlighting the compromises you have to make, no matter which ecosystem you choose.

About speaker:

Dr. Michael Lauer is freelance author, software architect and free software enthusiast. He has been involved with information technology for 30 years now, having started with the Commodore 64 back in 1982. Since 2001, he has been founding and contributing to a number of Linux-based mobile and distributed software projects, such as Opie, OpenZaurus, OpenEmbedded, OpenEZX, Openmoko and freesmartphone.org. Although his main occupation nowadays is being CTO for an iOS-centric software company, his heart is still pounding for 100% open solutions.

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