Testable Android Applications


Mateusz Herych

Talk description:

Mobile applications world is still far behind web applications when we come to testing. Many programmers are testing their android applications manually with 'run and pray' method, even if they're familiar with unittesting web applications. Still, many people consider TDD as impossible in Android world. In my presentation you'll learn how to provide your apps with tests so you can sleep safely. Also - I will show you how to design your code to make your tests fast and simple - all this with tools like RoboGuice, Robolectric and Mockito.

About speaker:

Android developer at Applicake, but strongly coupled with all JVM world. Worked both with mobile apps for Android and Blackberry platforms and big enterprise apps using JEE. In his free time he is organizing various events for programmers like cracow.mobi or code meetings for students - yes - he is also Computer Science student at Cracow University of Technology.

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