Hybrid Web Apps with Sencha Touch 2


Martin de Keijzer

Talk description:

Creating apps usually is a very time consuming process when it comes to development. You need to write your code for all different platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone. Sencha Touch solves this problem by giving you a framework for the langauge we as web developers all know and love; Javascript! In this session we will see how easy it is to create an app that looks and feels like it is a native app. We will be using known patterns like MVC and a pattern for data communications. We will also look into the pro’s and cons of using HTML5 and Javascript, and end with some performance optimizations.

About speaker:

Martin is a software engineer and community manager at Ibuildings in the Netherlands. He started programming with PHP and has become very knowledgeable with it in the past 10 years. Since 2 years he has also been doing mobile development and quickly learned that mastering Javascript was the key to device agnostic success. These days many of his projects using open web technologies are already available using app stores and the web as a distribution channel. He also has good knowledge about various tools and frameworks like Zend Framework, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Sencha Touch and Phonegap.

Conference in the Amsterdam RAI and lead developer for the apps related to the events. Next to that he is a board member of the PHPBenelux usergroup, organizing their annual conference and bi-monthly dutch user group meetings.

In his spare time he makes contributions to several open source projects whenever he can find the time for that.

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