iOS vs. Android, hardcore vs. casual in free-to-play games


Martin Chamrad

Talk description:

Does Android monetize really that badly as you can read on the internet? How about making money from a casual free-to-play game? Is it better to make money on ads or to sell virtual goods? In this talk I will tell you about our 2 years experience in making free-to-play games. First we released Overkill - hardcore free-to-play game in March 2011 on iOS. Then SuperRope - a casual free-to-play game in July 2011. Both games were ported on Android. You'll learn how we're making money, differences between iOS and Android versions, what kind of players monetize better. Everything from design decisions in game, through business models to marketing the games and supporting them after launch.

About speaker:

Martin Chamrad is the co-founder and CEO of Craneballs Studios LLC, a three year old mobile games company best known for their polished freemium games. Craneballs has released 11 games to date for iOS, Android and PSP. Its biggest title, Overkill, is a first-person shooter game with detailed gun tuning that has been downloaded more than 8 million times. Overkill was released as a freemium game in March 2011 on iOS and in December 2011 on Android. Craneballs, a team of 14 developers, will continue to push the bar on quality with several releases in 2012. Martin oversees the company's game development and is responsible for all business development, marketing and sales initiatives.

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