Tele Car


Jakub Nowacki

Talk description:

Teleca would like to present our TeleCar project which is part of the Research and Development activity in our company.

TeleCar is a kind of remote controlled car capable of streaming live video. There are several things that make it not just usual toy:

  • it's controlled by wifi network
  • it's controlled with Android or QT ready smartphone and Linux based hosts
  • it's control unit runs under control of GNU/Linux OS
  • it does not need dedicated remote controller - almost any device equipped with wifi interface can became remote controller
  • it streams video via TCP/IP network and can be displayed on PC or phone screens

TeleCar project covers many fields of engineering art, including:

  • electronics
  • low level software development - including bootloaders customization and Linux kernel modules development
  • GNU/Linux configuration/integration
  • GNU/Linux software development - including IPC, Linux socket development
  • image processing

In very beginning we planned to build whole device from scratch. The only parts purchased from third party was chassis, electric motors and wheels. We started to design electric schematics and PCB board layout. When this job was finished we have assembled PCB board and ran Linux OS. Then we started SW development. First of all we needed to modify bootloaders (SoC choosed by us need two phase booting) that allowed us to run Linux kernel. Equipped with Linux embedded system and a bunch of toolchains we were ready to start Linux SW development. We wrote kernel module that controls DC motors and server application that receives data from "remote control" and pass it to our kernel module. After completing this task it was time to start client application development. Currently we can control TeleCar with any Android or QT ready smartphone and Linux based hosts. But achieving this couldn't stop us. We wanted to do something more. Current team effort is focused on replacing smartphone controller with PS move, so that TeleCar can follow person that holds PS move controller. To do this we have to use OpenCV, Linux fifo's. Currently our SW can recognize PS move controller and measure it's position and distance. There are many other plans to make TeleCar even more interesting project including usage of NFC technology and this is only matter of time when it will be made.

About speaker:

Jakub Nowacki is well established embedded system and application developer. Over 10 years of experience including active university years. Familiarized with hardware designing, PCB assembly as well as low level software development. Professional experience gained from several commercial projects based on effective 8-bit microcontrollers as well as complex and powerful 32-bit SOC devices. Extensive experience in the Linux-related areas gained during the designing and implementation of the single-board computer systems.

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