Navigating the waters between commercial and community


Carsten Munk

Talk description:

When company-originating open source projects get launched there is always perceived to be a clash between the interests of the community and that of a company. But why is it so? And why can't community and commercial find common ground? Part of the story is that when a company launches or manages open source projects, there is added expectation to a project, that it will be delivering stable releases and get things fixed within an expectable timeframe. This talk seeks to show examples of how a middle ground has been found with Mer and those companies using it such as Jolla Mobile as well as the communities utilizing it. It also discusses the problems that naturally occour within professionally minded projects and seeks to propose ways to pitch a good balance between reliable and innovative where there is a mutally benefitting relationship between community and companies.

About speaker:

Carsten is the current project architect of the Mer Project (http://www.merproject.org), a project which seeks to create and maintain open, mobile-optimised, core distribution aimed at device manufacturers; powered by Qt/QML and HTML5 - openly developed, inclusive, and meritocratically governed. He has been involved in both the MeeGo and maemo.org projects and has a strong passion for community and realistic open governance and transparency.

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