Moving Out of the Lab: Smartphone Brain Scanner


Arkadiusz Stopczyński

Talk description:

In this talk I will focus on possibilities offered by contemporary mobile devices that go beyond classical and mainstream use-cases. Power and ubiquity of smart devices enables the researchers and developers to move many techniques in various domains, so far available only in the lab setting into the wild. How can we ensure this movement is beneficial for both researchers and end-users? How do we scale up and why? As an example of 'moving out of the lab' I will present my work with Smartphone Brain Scanner, a cross-platform framework for building real-time EEG applications. I will argue that the increased availability and power of the mobile devices is not merely an evolutionary step, but a full-fledged paradigm shift for advanced and research applications.

About speaker:

Arkadiusz Stopczynski is a PhD student at Technical University of Denmark working in the domain of mobile technologies and cognitive science. As a part of his ongoing project 'Mobile Phones as Cognitive Systems' he is a member of a team developing Smartphone Brain Scanner, a fully mobile solution for acquiring and analyzing EEG and bio-signals. The significance of this project as a novel approach to real-time inexpensive and consumer-grade bio-system caught attention of media worldwide. Arek's research interests include Personal Informatics, Quantified-Self, Social Networks and Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interaction.

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